Architecture Design

Control and Data Fabric for a Distributed World






Open API


Cloud Scale

JUKE allow operators to scale nodes across multiple clouds while presenting them as a single local infrastructure

Elastic Storage

Through its own file system, JUKE allow the mix of disks across private infrastructure and multiple clouds while building a single pool of persistent storage across clouds

Network Overlay

With Layer 2 and Layer 3 networking capabilities, JUKE's networking overlay allow operators to deploy containers and applications with complex networking requirements

Workload Portability

Deploy and move containers across clouds while maintaining persistency of resources based on requirements such as locality, performance and cost

Deliver Data at Scale

Elastic data,
Rapid scale

Scale across clouds with JUKE's multi-cloud data fabric, allowing operators to mix disks from multiple clouds while presenting a single persistent file system
Although data can be distributed across clouds, JUKE controls the IO to ensure reads and writes are always close to the compute and distributed intelligently, maintaining performance at all times
When distributing or moving persistent applications across clouds, JUKE has the capability to present each volume and redirect IO to ensure data is always available and performance is kept
Define replication rules at the volume level, allowing operators to build an infrastructure that can withstand cloud, disk or server failure
In case of disk, node or cloud failure, data is automatically distributed across the available nodes where applications and volumes are not impacted. As soon as the issue is resolved, data is redistributed once again


Network Overlay
With persistent layer 2 and layer 3 across clouds, JUKE creates secure communication across servers while presenting a single network layer across clouds, allowing operators to create and attach complex network models to the platform
Auto Scale
JUKE has built-in scaling capabilities. If JUKE, or a supported orchestrator, is deploying a large number of containers and applications on top of JUKE's infrastructure, JUKE will automatically scale up or down your infrastructure as needed
Machine Containers
JUKE has a native machine container architecture, allowing operators to move directly from virtual machines to containers, without modifying the applications, achieving up to 25% better performance when compared to VMs and 10 times the density
Scalable Architecture
For local infrastructure scalability, JUKE supports both, bare-metal and virtual machines as nodes while supporting the major cloud providers as options for cloud scalability

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